Greenwood Park

4065 Dufferin Avenue, Petrolia, ON, Canada

Greenwood Park is an active, recreational green space. Greenwood Park consists of 27 acres located off of Huggard and Maude Streets. This park has many areas of interest, all of which are in full use. There are three baseball diamonds in Greenwood Park. Morrison Field is the Towns’ premier hardball diamond, and was completely renovated in 1995 to include irrigation, warning track, grass infield and new backstop. Diamond two is a lit two-pitch and hardball diamond used by Minor Ball, Men’s Two-Pitch, Ladies Recreational Ball, and rentals. Lastly, Diamond three is another lit diamond with many users from Minor Ball, Men’s Two-Pitch, Ladies Recreational Ball, and rentals. Greenwood Park is located directly beside Greenwood Recreational Centre and Petrolia Lions Hall, which brings good usage to the park. In this park’s main playground area, you will see a baby swing set and a small equipment piece. Greenwood Park also has open green space between Diamond 2 and 3 which is used for minor soccer. Across from Diamond 3 is the Lions Club Park Project. This includes a play structure, a swing set, a baby swing set, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, a water fountain and lighting. This park also has an extension across Valentina Street, which houses three minor soccer fields, a water fountain and bleachers.